Half-Time Recruits for Steele

Avery Thames

With school back on schedule and kids falling into the groove, the bands got ready for their upcoming concerts. Kids were polishing their instruments and their skills.

On Friday, the students in band marched out with the Steele High School Band to play at half-time.

It was their first concert of the year, and the students were pumped. The only kids who weren’t as excited are probably the poor tuba players who had to hold their instruments up while playing!

For the concert, the band students played the Hey Song, Smoke on the Water, Don’t Stop the Music, the Dobie and Steele fight songs, and 25 or 6 to 4. (25 or 6 to 4 is the complete title of one of the songs.)

Seventh grader and baritone saxophone player in the symphonic band, Christian is excited. “Yeah!”

His favorite piece was “Smoke on the Water.” “I like the tune, the sound of it, the tempo.”

The band director at Dobie Junior High for the symphonic band is Mr. Barbee, who is younger than the head band director Mr.Daniel. “We’re gonna have a lot of fun!”

The parts that the band needed to improve was “Right now, it’s right notes and right sounds.” “The second level would be is it the right style?”

Mr.Barbee enjoys being a band director. “Oh yeah, it’s one of my favorites. If I can share my gift, and the kids learn and share their gifts, I feel like I’m doing my job. But I still get nervous, playing in front of all of those parents.”

The number of students playing in the concert will be about 450 if everyone shows up, including the Steele band. The students can’t wait for the fun and excitement of being on the field!