PV: Mrs. Hecox, my favorite teacher


Erynn Sanders, Staff Reporter

By: Erynn Sanders

Before I came to eight grade, I loved math. Once I got into algebra this year though, that love gradually turned into a hate. Going to first period became a tedious thing I didn’t want to do only because I didn’t want to learn algebra. But my algebra teacher is Mrs.Hecox, someone who quickly became my favorite.

She has somehow found a way to make class fun. From her catchy rhymes to her hilarious roasts, Mrs.Hecox makes the start of my day fun-filled and exciting. She is such a kind and giving person, two qualities that surprised me as most of the teachers either don’t have them or don’t show them. She is so nice that when she heard one of the girls in my class cried over orange juice she went out and bought orange juice for her.

She also really is a great teacher. For example, there was this one unit where the whole class was struggling and Mrs. Hecox went off schedule and took another day to teach it to us. Mrs.Hecox also teaches several different ways to solve things so we can find what works best for us and have other ways to check to make sure the answer is correct. She shows us methods that other algebra teachers don’t show, giving us the upper-hand and making things easier for us.

Mrs. Hecox pushes all of her students to do their very best and I really appreciate that. When we took the algebra benchmark she told us that is was so easy it was insulting and that the EOC is going to be much harder. That of course stressed my classmates and I out but, it also pushed us to work harder and study and make sure we had a good understanding of the material we went over. After we took the EOC everyone told her how easy it was and how they struggled on like two questions. Her response to that was, “I knew it would be easy, I just wanted y’all to take it seriously.”


Mrs Hecox: Thank you for making this year a great one. From helping me with a boy (I thankfully stopped liking) to helping me with my homework, you have made what could’ve been a boring year to a very eventful one and I couldn’t thank you more. You are the type of person that leaves an impact on someone’s life causing them to never forget about you.