PV: Mrs. Garcia- My favorite teacher


Zoe Gallegos, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Garcia, 8th grade math/algebra teacher, is my favorite teacher. She is my favorite teacher because she is always there to help one of her students. Mrs. Garcia makes her students her number one priority. No matter how many questions you have or how confused you are she will always be there to help you.

Her classroom is one of the few places I feel comfortable. She is always making the class laugh, and is a good person to be around. Mrs. Garcia makes every single one of her students feel special.  I always feel like a friend of hers rather than just any other student.

She makes me want to keep coming into class every day to learn more. The lessons are short and simple, but if you don’t get the material she will make sure to go over it as many times as you need so you can get it. I thought algebra was going to be such a hard class to learn, but Mrs. Garcia makes everything so simple and easy to understand.

Even when Mrs. Garcia isn’t feeling the best, she has a smile on her face. She makes the classroom a positive environment to be in. Next year when Mrs. Garcia has new students, I hope those students see her the same way I do.