PV: My Favorite Teacher, Mr. Joyner


Kylie Pavlovsky, Staff Reporter

Mr. Joyner is a 7th grade Social Studies teacher here at Dobie. He is my favorite teacher for many reasons such as the way he teaches. Mr. Joyner makes his lessons not only educational but hilarious. He tries to incorporate hilarious jokes and make funny scenes in his lessons.

While Mr. Joyner also gives off a fun vibe, he is very kind and understanding. One time, I misunderstood homework instructions, so the next day, the assignment was incomplete. I told Mr. Joyner that I misunderstood so he let me turn it in late without dropping points.

Mr. Joyner always does his best to make sure we all understand the lesson and remember important facts for any upcoming tests or quizzes. He does study guides and fun Kahoot reviews that gets everyone pumped for the test. We just recently did a Kahoot review for our Social Studies test and I believe that I ACED it. The only way I would’ve felt this confident is if we had received a review, in which we did.

He is such an amazing teacher who seeks for the potential in others, so he can help them. I am so relieved to have a teacher like him. I don’t know where my learning abilities would be without him.