PV: Ms. Johnson, my favorite teacher


Kelsea Duff, Staff reporter

By: Kelsea Duff

Even though I’ve only been here at Dobie for 5 months, Ms. Johnson has grown to be my favorite teacher.

She encourages me to ask questions if I do not understand something, she makes sure I have the hang of things when I do struggle with something, and gets to know her students. She pushes us to work hard and focus in on grasping anything in our way.

With all her seriousness being a math teacher, she’s a fun teacher to have. She is caught up with all the student drama and gives good advice to all the kids with beef. Being a shy student in her seventh period, I don’t talk to her much about anything except a few problems on my math sheets, but I will say she is one of the best teachers to have a conversations with, whether it’s about Captain America, the newest super hero movie, or about her adorable dog. Her cheery personality and bright smile makes us want to go to her class.

I am very sad I wasn’t here from the beginning, and now her time as my teacher is little. As the school year ends I tell her thank you for everything she has done. Her 2018-2019 classes will be some of the luckiest students in the seventh grade.