PV: Mrs. Harper, my favorite teacher


Emma Parker, Staff reporter

One of my favorite hobbies is art, so obviously that’s my favorite class of the day. I will admit I’m not very good at it but Mrs. Harper makes me want to improve my skill. She makes me feel like I can draw anything and it will be good enough for an art museum.

My favorite thing about Mrs. Harper is that she is very honest about my art work. I believe not everything deserves to get an award, so I respect her honesty and take it as her trying to help me improve. Her class is a break for my day, because I enjoy the assignments she gives out. I have advanced so much from the beginning of the year to now.

I appreciate Mrs. Harper for helping me along my way of becoming a better artist. I’m glad to have such a kindhearted teacher that will always help me with the hardest piece of art and because of her I will be continuing with art and I won’t stop practicing.