PV: Mrs. Dierschke – My favorite teacher


Darian Lester, Staff Reporter

I don’t like school never did and never will. Yet, this year my favorite teacher has made me actually participate and want to learn in a way. Before that I didn’t get the help I needed in the previous years, or did I really care. My science teacher Mrs. Dierschke made me want to do better, want to learn and understand the material. she made me want to pass and become successful in life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all my other teachers. But this is the first year where I feel like I am doing alright because of them. Mrs. Dierschke has helped me the most. She has a sense of humor and can be really fun to talk to. The biggest thing as to why I chose her to be my favorite teacher is the fact that she cares.

Mondays seem the worst for everybody and even the teachers, and oh boy, those days don’t work out for anybody except for Monday people. The other teachers don’t talk to us about how we are doing as a class. She tells us an estimate of how many people are failing and gives a loud pep talk, a little lecture doesn’t hurt anybody. She is also engaged with the class. She would stand in front of us walking around and asking us questions and if we didn’t know she would help out and I think that has helped many students. It makes me want to do better in her class. I have tried my best.

Another thing why she is my favorite teacher is because she will try different ways to help students. Explain them in different ways, and use examples. If you still don’t understand she will help you understand and it doesn’t even take her long to explain things. I am apart of her blitz and before I didn’t really understand but she provided new ways for me to pass tests, and good grades on assignments, even though she gives out a lot of work it does help.

I don’t like science. I always failed at science because I wasn’t interested nor did I want to learn any of it. Mrs. Dierschke makes the lessons simple but I always want to listen because of the way she talks about science. I learned so much, asked many questions, and even did my homework.

That is why she is my favorite teacher. Her teaching will always help me later in life because I have changed and done so many things differently because of her. I like and dislike things I do at times but in the end I always remember that if I don’t try then I wont succeed. That is important to remember.