PV: Mrs. Santos – The Teacher I Appreciate and Love


Kalea Wright, Staff Reporter

On the first day of school I was nervous and worried about meeting new people. At times I think I am going to be okay because I will be able to go to back to art and see my favorite teacher Mrs. Santos. Mrs. Santos is a very talented, caring, kind, and helpful teacher and that’s what I love about her.

When I first met Mrs. Santos in 7th grade I was blown away by how pretty she was and how talented she was as well. She was creative and understanding as well, she would go around and help out everyone who had questions about any projects and she would actually show us step by step if we didn’t understand it the first time.

During my 7th grade year, Mrs. Santos gave the class a scribble word search that had a lot of baby things on it and she then told us that the reason there was a lot of baby things was because she was pregnant. I was so happy for her and excited because this was my first time ever having a teacher with a baby, so that was a great experience.

Beginning of  year I was so happy to find out that I had Mrs. Santos and was, so happy for the art projects because I knew they would be more challenging then the 7th grade art projects and thats what I like the most about the projects.

I always look forward to art everyday, because I get to see my favorite teacher and I will truly miss her when I’m going off to high school and will defiantly will be thinking about her and everything she taught me about art. I will also remember how I was always the last one working on an project and Mrs. Santos telling me how much I’m going to love high school because it takes them a while to finish one project just like me.

I love Mrs. Santos and I want to thank her for teaching me and showing me how to be a better artist and I will look forward to seeing her again when I’m in high school.