PV: Ms. Glasz- a teacher I’m thankful for


Matthew Willis, Staff Reporter

By: Matthew  Willis

My is Matthew Willis and I just moved from England this year to Texas. I’m brand new here and I did not know a lot of people here so of course I was looking for someone to help me socially and with school. One of the first friendly faces was when I walked into my 2nd period and was greeted by an eccentric and fun teacher, Ms. Glasz. After being in her class for a couple of days I soon found the confidence through her to help me to start meeting and making new friends.

Ms. Glasz has also really changed my learning experience as well. After being in her class this year my grades have stayed very high for the majority of the year. This is great as I can do sports and not be in trouble. She also gave me a new drive to learn about our history by being a fun and exciting teacher she made my overall learning experience very fun, exhilarating, and challenging as well. This gave me a driving force to succeed in learning.

Another reason why I think Ms. Glasz is a great teacher is because her class is fun and yet she still manages to make and achieve the goal of the lesson. This is why I’m thankful for having Ms. Glasz as my Social Studies teacher and why I’m glad to have her as my teacher.