PV: I appreciate Mrs. Chitta


Kamryn Lovett, Staff Reporter

By: Kamryn Lovett

It’s that special time of the year. Teacher Appreciation Week. This week is dedicated to teachers and the hard work they do for us students. I would like to appreciate Mrs. Chitta for many reasons.

I am planning on becoming an actress and Mrs.Chitta has taught me so much. She told me the college I should go to if I want to major in theater. She has also given me summer camps and places to start acting. She makes me feel more confident in myself because she has given me so many tips for my future and hope.

Other than me she has helped so many other students. I see her greeting students, helping others, and always being so outgoing. I have learned so much from her this year other than last year. I have lost interest in me acting and giving up thinking I wont make it but with her help I have gain confidence back. I believe having her as a teacher is a great opportunity to learn all the right aspects and history of theater. If your looking into acting or having theater as a hobby, I recommend you talking to Mrs. Chitta.

Thank you Mrs. Chitta for always giving me advice and being super kind and supportive. I appreciate your hope and love.