PV: Mrs. Luna is best teacher ever


Madelyn Cordova , Staff Reporter

By: Madelyn Cordova

Mrs. Luna is so kind and sweet. She takes care of us and helps us when we need help. She is my Spanish teacher. I really do like having Mrs. Luna as my first period cause she gets me ready for school and class. Once she knows something is wrong she asks us if we are okay.She helps us with stuff that isn’t school related and helps us through what is happening . She likes to do games to get us involved with the stuff we are supposed to do in class. She never gets mad as long as you respect her and her classmates.

Mrs. Luna is one of the teachers that like to have fun but stay on topic. She lets us work in partners while other teachers sometimes don’t let us. She spends time on one subject a little longer just if most of the class doesn’t understand while other teachers just keep on going with the different subjects.

She makes up games to where we could have fun and meet the new kids in our class. She makes it fun for everyone if you don’t like sports or the stuff she does for the next time she tries to get everyone involved with what she is doing. She makes my day a lot better with her positive attitude even when you could tell she is frustrated. I feel like she can make everyone day by just being herself.

She is different than all the other Spanish teachers. Also she likes to do notes and make it funny. She also lets us sit where ever we sit even though we do get on her nerves by talking to much. She is one of those teachers I wish that would go to every school I went to and she could be my teacher every year.