PV: My favorite teacher, Mrs. Hecox


Arisza Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Hecox. How do I begin to explain Mrs. Hecox? Let’s try here, one day early in the school year maybe about a month into 8th grade I was having a real bad day for some reason I can’t remember. I came to school sad, and all day nobody even made an effort to ask if I was okay, 7th period came around and I sat in my normal seat as always. Of course we were doing math when all of a sudden she came up to me and asked if I was okay. Just that alone made me lose it, I cried into my arms as I laid my head on my desk and shook my head, answering the obvious question she had asked me. She gave me a sad smile and walked away, continuing her lesson as she let me release my energy, she came back to me after handing the assignment out and asked what was wrong. I remember telling her “everything.” I remember I told her that I felt so alone and I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody noticed me just disappearing one day. She shook her head and hugged my sad figure before walking to her desk.

Right before class ended Mrs. Hecox walked up to me and placed a single sticky note onto my desk. It was shaped like a heart and was bright pink. I looked down at it and my heart skipped a beat. It read “I love and care for you, I would notice.” I remember crying again but this time it wasn’t sad, it was happy. The bell rang indicating class was over but for me it wasn’t.  I walked up to her and hugged her with all I had in me as I smiled for the first time in what felt like forever. “Thank you.” I simply said to her before waking away with the note in my hand.

Days had past and I came to school not feeling any better at all from before until I walked into room C203, Mrs. Hecoxs’ room. I sat at my desk like normal, sitting up and feeling sad but a little hopeful since Mrs. Hecox always seemed to make me happy. Class went on as always and soon it was the end of class. Mrs. Hecox asked me to stay after class and I was scared I might’ve done something wrong but once everyone was gone I rose up and went to her desk. I watched as she pulled out a red gift bag. She handed it to me and I took it, opening it as I smiled. It contained cute holiday socks with little frogs on them. She explained to me that “frog” meant “Fully Rely on God” and that was enough to make me practically tackle her into a hug.

Mrs. Hecox is my favorite teacher and I very much doubt that will ever change even when I am not in Dobie anymore. I know for a fact I will not forget her nor the things she has done and continues to do for me. Mrs. Hecox if you ever see this I want you to know you’ve really made a huge impact on not only my life at school but my everyday life at home and more. Thank you for everything and I love you, Mrs. Hecox.