PV: Mr. Lovelace a teacher I’m thankful for


Vaun Natalroman, Staff Reporter

By: Vaun Natalroman

I’ve had a teacher that’s been with me since the end of the 6th grade until now and that teacher is Mr. Lovelace. Many might not know but Mr. Lovelace teaches orchestra to both 7th and 8th grade and not only that but he teaches up at Steele as well. I first met him a while back when in 6th grade when I had to play a placement piece in order to determine where I would be placed in the 7th grade.

If you asked me back then how I felt about him I wouldn’t really know what to say as I didn’t know much about him. Although if you asked me now I’d tell you that he’s one of my favorite teachers because I feel like I can really talk to him if I needed help and someone that can relate to me as a person. He also helped me become a better Viola player in the process.

Mr. Lovelace makes the learning in his class fun in a way that he jokes around with us and isn’t afraid to make a funny remark. I wasn’t really excited about orchestra this year and afraid that I wasn’t going to meet anyone new but when I got to that class he helped bond all of us together to be something great friends, a musical group with skills, and a family. When he isn’t with us we always group up together to help each other get better even when he’s not with us.

When I started the 7th and 8th grade I never stopped to think that I would learn anything new or could do something new but when I stepped into that classroom I was brought into a whole new world of music and learning how to play that music. Whenever I walk to that classroom I’m always excited about what new thing we are going to learn and I know in my heart that I’ll have fun while doing it.

Mr. Lovelace is definitely one of my favorite top five teachers as the fact stands that I probably wouldn’t be the musician I am today.