PV: Mrs. Garcia, the teacher I appreciate the most


Milana Herrera, Staff Reporter

By: Milana Herrera

School isn’t a place to socialize with friends or to get along with everyone. It’s a place to learn, get ready for high school, college, and then the real world. At least that’s what teachers make it seem like, but not Mrs. Garcia.

Mrs Garcia makes it bigger than math, she opens her arms to in case you need a shoulder to lean on and let everything out. Not only is she an amazing mentor and very interactive with students she is a helping hand in any situation you throw at her.

I’ve loved math my whole life up until algebra. In my opinion math should be strictly just numbers not letters, that’s for language arts. I’ve struggled a lot this year with algebra, but Mrs. Garcia is there for me to give me every opportunity there is to get back on my feet. She gives us rhymes,  or little short sentences to remember things in your head for an upcoming test. She gives us assignments with the hardest equations on it to over prepare our selves.

Some teachers just teach you the materials for that subject and a test the following week. Mrs. Garcia goes above and beyond to make sure you’re prepared. I don’t like to ask questions because I don’t know how to ask, but she knows when I’m confused and either does a one on one or goes more into depth to teach me. She has after school tutoring which has helped a lot and even then I rant about situations and she explain how I can resolve It.

When I was out for my surgery she’d always have packets in depth of the curriculum, which really helped me out understand the material. Mrs. Garcia is very relate able and understands a lot about what kids our age are doing or going through. Like for instance, her husband is military and I’m a military brat; Kids our age start getting in relationships or have mixed feeling about something/someone and she is the perfect outlet for stuff like that.

Mrs. Garcia is the teacher I appreciate most. She’s a good role model for all and has the right attitude, good heart.

Thank you, Mrs. Garcia!