Personal View: my favorite teacher Mrs. Hecox


Melayna Dunbar, Staff Reporter

By: Melayna Dunbar

School is definitely a load of stress and work and by far everyone thinks math is a definite struggle but Mrs. Hecox makes math easy and fun to learn, she comes up with ways to get it stuck in your head so you remember for testing and later on in life. She makes sure everyone gets their work done and checks to see if they understand the problem.

Besides her ways of helping and making math super fun to learn she is also very nice and funny she interacts with students. Also if you don’t turn in your work the day its due she’ll call your parents some students think its dumb and harsh but it actually her just making sure you get your work in and that its finished. She gives us many reviews to go over what we learned so we understand it better and we make a lot of progress in her class. Math used to be my least favorite class but this year with Mrs. Hecox as my teacher I looked forward to going to math class.

Many students including myself love Mrs. Hecox because of her attitude towards teaching and how she doesn’t just teach and give work she makes it interesting. She gives easy work as well and makes it easy to learn. She also is someone students can go to and talk to because she is a very relate able person. She makes kids come out of there comfort zone and enjoy to do new things she pushes kids to try new things and have fun.

I remember every time she wasn’t at school all these kids would be upset, which isn’t normal because every time a teacher is out and there is a sub kids would be happy about it but not Mrs. Hecox. Kids would be pretty upset she wasn’t there to teach and have fun with them.

Mrs. Hecox is the teacher I appreciate the most and am very happy I got her a a teacher because if i didn’t I probably wouldn’t understand anything about math, so thank you Mrs. Hecox for being the best teacher I could ever ask for.