PV: Mrs. Hecox – My favorite teacher


Jacob Coppage, Staff reporter

By: Jacob Coppage

Before I had Mrs. Hecox, I never liked learning or turning in papers on time. She made sure that everyone had done their assignments. On the first day of school she told us that at the end of the year we will have this big test called the EOC. Every time we had a test she wanted us to pass so she gave us a bunch of reviews but now when I look back I am thankful that she did that for us.

During class we would would have 20 minutes of free time and then we would do our lesson. Mrs. Hecox solves and explains the question and makes sure everyone knows what they’re doing. I do very well because I am able to ask questions and learn from my mistakes.

This school year I did my best just to make Mrs. Hecox proud. I really want to do good on the EOC and with Mrs. Hecox’s help, I think I did. She really wants us to succeed in algebra and in regular math. I haven’t had a math teacher that did their best just to help us pass.

When I’m missing an assignment Mrs. Hecox reminds me to turn it in before the 5 days are up. If we don’t turn in our homework on time she makes us write a note explaining why we didn’t do it and we have to serve D-hall. I’m happy that Mrs. Hecox was my algebra teacher. She is the best teacher on campus in my opinion.