PV: Mrs Hecox – My Favorite Teacher


Gabriel Holzwarth, Staff Reporter

Teacher appreciation day is special because we recognize all the teachers that spend there day teaching and educate us. They get paid very little for what they do which is a big part in our lives that lead up to our future.

My teacher that I’d like to recognize is Mrs. Hecox. She has always cared and always will for her student. Her students are a special part of what she does and she loves it. Teaching students is something she loves very dearly and will continue to do it for awhile. I’ve always liked her since the beginning of the year because shes special. She actually really listens to what we say and our opinions. She not just strict; she has a lot fun a good amount of times and she has a great sense of humor. If I had to pick my favorite teacher it would definitely be Mrs. Hecox.

I know that my favorite is Mrs. Hecox but all teachers should be appreciated for what they do. What they do is our future, they lead us and try to guide us well educated and make sure that we get in a good path to our future.