PV: Mrs. Pj – My Favorite Teacher


Faith, Reporter

Mrs. Pj is my favorite teacher because she understands us.  Mrs. Pj gets how boring school can be sometimes so she makes it fun for us, and I’m thankful for her. Mrs. Pj also always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude and it just brightens my day.

I also love how she gives us fun assignments and not boring book work like every other teacher.  Her class is a positive place to feel free when expressing yourself through writing and I love that I can have her as my teacher.

Mrs. Pj is also very hardworking. Even though she’s a teacher she’s also a student. Everyday she has double the work of most teachers because she’s in college but through that all she always shows up with a beautiful, bright smile.

This year Mrs. Pj has helped me express myself through writing in a way no other teacher has before and it makes me feel free as a writer, and as a student when I am allowed to write my opinions.

I want Mrs. Pj to know from the bottom of my heart that I am thankful to have her as a teacher this year and next year!