PV: Mrs.Ledwik-My favorite teacher


Maggie Lincecum, Staff reporter

By: Maggie Lincecum

Mrs. Ledwik a kind, intelligent, smart person and she is always making funny comments that make the class giggle. She is the best math teacher and think you for always making me be in a good mood.

Mrs. Ledwik teaches lots of things like integers, mathematics, algebra and way more. Yhis is how she would teach us–she would let us work on it for at least 10 minutes or less and then she would come up to the board a help us solve it then she wold give us a work sheet to see what we have learned and then she would grade it and that’s how she helps us work on are work. I would like to thank her for that not many teachers do that. I really don’t like school and I never have and I don’t like doing work ether and I know all I do is talk all the time.

Mrs. Ledwik: you’ve made me like doing work and made me always liking come to school ’till this day. I want you to know that I love your smile I love your jokes and I’m so proud to be your student. You are smart, pretty, intelligent, bright, funny and way more! You see, all of these thing are the things that I love about you you’re the best teacher any one can have. Thank you for being My Teacher.