PV: Mrs.Wetz- My favorite teacher


Blake Thompson, staff reporter

Mrs.Wetz is a great teacher, shes helped me pretty well through school, and is not crazy strict, I am always late turning in my work, and she keeps me up to date about it. She has changed a lot about me. I  never turned work in until she came along, ever since she told me and the class about the problems of getting bad grades in 7th grade, I’ve been turning in my work more often.

Not only has she made a big change in my grades she also made me a polite person, I mean I was polite, and I did do nice things, but she doubled that, I am now more of a honest person type of guy. I had great teachers my past life, but she got to be one of the best.

Thank you Mrs. Wetz for being a understanding, fun, and nice teacher. I hope my sister gets you for a teacher next year. She’s going to like you a lot.