PV: Mrs. Reed, my favorite teacher


Kenyon Portela, Staff Reporter

By: Kenyon Portela

Science is not my best class, but Mrs. Reed makes science easy for me .She puts it in ways that  everyone understands. Mrs.Reed is not like most teachers they usually tell you that you have to figure it out. She helps you out until you understand.

She makes the class laugh. The class does not get in trouble if we roast her. Instead, Mrs. Reed snaps back with a roast. She jokes around with us until its time to get serious and get are work done. then once we are done she jokes around with us again.

Mrs. Reed to me is not only a teacher, but she is also a good friend. Mrs. Reed is a good teacher to talk to about school stuff and personal stuff. She got mad at me once because she said that I have a new girlfriend every week and I need to focus on school. Unlike when others give me advice like that, I actually listen to her because I trust her. She gives good advice.