PV: Mr.Joyner, My favorite teacher


Lexi Moreland, Staff reporter

Mr. Joyner is my favorite teacher. He is very funny and easy going as a person. Granted I had him last year and not anymore, but he remains to be my favorite.

Here are 6 reasons why..

  1. Even though I find social studies to be extremely boring sometimes, in his class he makes little jokes to help remember things.
  2. He helped me and other kids in my class to there fullest ability.
  3. Mr. Joyner always finds a way to make things more fun.
  4. He is honest. For example, he continued to try and get me to switch to Pre-Ap social studies knowing I could handle it.
  5. Even though I don’t have him in any of my classes I still find a way to ‘bug’ him.. as he would say.
  6. Mr. Joyner is just the best teacher ever! (In my opinion)

I have known in for 2 years now, when I first started coming to Dobie he made me feel welcome, and to this day continues to put up with me. Just one of those teacher you will most likely always remember, one I will miss seeing daily as I move up from Junior High.