PV: Mrs. Hecox is my favorite teacher


Brea Mars, Staff Reporter

By: Brea Mars

In majority of my classes I suffer from boredom or just being subject to being silent. Mrs. Hecox teaches in a very unique way that is both intriguing and fun. I love her class and the smiles that everyone has on their faces when she tells us a story about something that happened to her or makes a funny remark in class. I actually enjoy doing math even though math is one of my least liked subjects.

Mrs. Hecox makes her classes entertaining to be in. There was a day in class when we were talking about  calculating interest and she had the class participate. We had two people who were going to the “bank” to place their money in the vaults. In the end I learned that my math teacher previously worked at a bank and a better understanding of interest and how banks work. She does a great job of showing examples and having fun in class.

Mrs. Hecox is also great because she can be funny or serious and help us out in anyway that we need. I am so grateful for being in her class this year and sharing laughs with my classmates. She has made me smile and taught me a load of things. Mrs. Hecox appreciates and respects her students and in return her students respect her.