PV: Mrs. Bagley, my favorite teacher


Ariana Rojas, Staff reporter

By: Ariana Rojas

I appreciate Mrs. Bagley because she has made this year interesting and fun! Not only that, but she made my passion for learning stronger. Her way of teaching is what makes me engaged and ready to learn.

Before this year, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do later in life. I was stuck between wanting to be an animator or a teacher. She helped me decide what I wanted to do, and that is to be a math teacher. Throughout this year she made learning fun and interesting for example one of the things I enjoyed was that the notes always had Snoopy on them.

Overall her personality is what I enjoy the most. She can be strict at times but is always up for a good laugh. No matter what I always look forward to being in her class; it always makes my day.