PV: Mrs. Altamirano – My Favorite Teacher


Kya Logan, Staff Reporter

My favorite teacher is Mrs. Altamirano for tons of reasons. Mrs. Altamirano is my 8th period teacher and sometimes when I’m having a rough day I get to go to her class and feel a little better. I usually don’t enjoy school and I think it’s really boring but she makes it fun.

I chose Mrs. Altamirano as my favorite teacher because she understands me and trusts me. Like most teachers it seems like they never trust you and still treat you like kids because were not grown but she makes me feel like I’m a young adult.

I really enjoy Mrs. Altamirano’s company during class because she doesn’t rush me and understands that I work and learn slow.

Thank you Mrs. Altamirano for being a nice teacher and actually making me want to go to your science class. Thank you for taking your time with me and being a kind person when you maybe had a bad day. Another thing I find cool about Mrs. Altariano is that she actually cares about us and our learning. Thank you Mrs. Altamirano for being my favorite teacher.