PV: MS. CLARKSON, my favorite teacher


Michaela Martinez

By: Michaela Martinez

Everyone has had a favorite teacher , my favorite is Ms. Clarkson. Ms. Clarkson is my math teacher on team 8-4. I’ve never liked or loved math, It was always something that I would avoid. Then I came to Dobie and I met Ms. Clarkson, We got off to rocky start. And that’s okay. The reasons why Ms. Clarkson is my favorite teacher are:

Numero uno : Ms. Clarkson is someone I can talk to . Whether it’s something important or just us practicing our Spanish together.

Number two: Ms. Clarkson knows how to be goofy. I know I can always joke around and be funny with her.

Number  3: Ms. Clarkson taught me how to love math. She knows the right way to explain it to me to help me understand. I have never understood the meaning of why we need math, now I do.

Number 4: Ms. Clarkson is overall a great person and teacher.

I want to thank you Ms. Clarkson for helping me get through my 8th grade year.