PV: Mrs. Garcia, my favorite teacher

PV: Mrs. Garcia, my favorite teacher

Angel Pham, Staff Reporter

By: Angel Pham

What makes a teacher someone’s favorite? Is it how they let us do whatever we want? Is it actually how well they teach? Is it how much homework they assign? There are many characteristics on why a teacher can be someone’s favorite, but why is Mrs. Garcia my favorite teacher?

Whenever I walk into her class I feel like I can be myself and not the ”goodie goodie” that I act around many other teachers. Mrs. Garcia actually makes me want to be respectful and get better grades. The way she teaches it is easier to understand not like other teachers than other teachers.

Sometimes I think she deserves an award for how much she deals with my 8th period class. I think our class doesn’t realize how rowdy we are. I think we’ve even ruined her day before. I cannot stress how appreciated in my life, no matter how rowdy i act, how much she has to pause because of my class, I will always know when to stop and give her all my respect. She works very hard over her normal off hours even when everybody leaves she’s still grading papers and doing tasks for Mr. Jackson.

Mrs. Garcia is a teacher everyone should appreciate because of how much effort she puts into her students. Teachers like her make me wanna succeed by seeing how much they help me achieve my goals. I try very hard to show her that I can work hard more than any other teacher.

Mrs. Garcia goal is always to help us succeed and my year in her class will always be a memorable experience and a big impact in my life. This is why she is my favorite teacher.