PV: Coach Harper, My favorite teacher


Anaya Edwards, Staff Reporter

By: Anaya Edwards

Coach Harper, my college and career teacher, is patient, kind, thoughtful, and encourages his students to be the best they can be. I appreciate how Coach Harper brings up topics about finance, government, healthy lifestyles, well-being, etc., basically topics that would rarely gain a teenager’s interest. But he has this way of making it appealing and fascinating. It always ends up as a heated discussion of the students views on the topic/issue.

I appreciate Coach Harper’s patience and tranquility towards his students. No matter how often things get out of hand, he  always stays calm and that’s only one of the reasons why I respect him and think highly of him.

Coach Harper is an outstanding teacher, surpassing my other teachers and maybe even the rest of the teachers within Dobie. He finds an excellent balance between friend and teacher. If there was an award to being not only one of the greatest minds but one of the greatest teachers in America I would nominate him. Coach Harper has surpassed all the teachers I’ve ever had in the past. He not only teaches his students about the real world but he motivates them to share their opinions and doubts about the future. Coach Harper is by far an amazing teacher and an outstanding person.

Coach Harper has this way of talking about the reality of freedom. He shows you the hardships of being independent, and he helps you set goals for the future. I remember when he gave us this project earlier in the year. We formed groups and he gave us a time table and paper to create our own business. He would show the groups how to communicate and work together as a team. He also helped us figure out the math portion of the project. He offers guidance to anyone who needs it. Coach Harper is a great role model and inspires people to achieve their goals.

Thank you, Coach Harper for inspiring me to do my best and for being the amazing teacher that you are.