Personal View: Mrs.Wetz, my favorite teacher


Alivia Cooper, Staff reporter

By: Alivia Cooper

Mrs. Wetz is my utmost favorite teacher. She is kind, smart, helpful, and just generally amazing! She teaches one of my favorite subjects — Language Arts. She encourages good grades. Whenever someone has a question on a grade they immediately have her full attention. She is interactive with everyone on everything and is one of the best teachers at Dobie.

Mrs.Wetz pushes me to my full extent and helps me when I mess up. When a student needs help on the homework she would nudge them in the right direction, but refuse to tell them the answer. This is amazing because if she didn’t do that I would be genuinely relying nothing but copying answers and wouldn’t get anywhere on my own.

I respect Mrs.Wetz very much and she has a perfect balance between friend and teacher. She is not like some of the teachers here, who always seem like they just ate a lemon, sour and isolated. Mrs.Wetz lets herself appear as a human being and shows that even teachers make mistakes. Without her we would be wandering around in a school of black and white, with no color or fun. She shows us the general path of life, and sometimes the short-cuts. Mrs. Wetz is a brilliant mind and our school is lucky to have her.

Mrs.Wetz encourages us to follow our hearts and minds. She helps us along the path of life, and I will be very sorrowful to leave her presence for next year. But, I know I will see her again, and that I am prepared for next year and all the following years because of her. I love reading and writing, and Mrs.Wetz shares that passion. Mrs. Wetz is one of my major role models, and I would  love to be like her.

Mrs.Wetz doesn’t baby us; she helps us block out the rest of the world. In fact, she helps us to understand and appreciate the world for how it is. She teaches us the hardships and the flaws of the world that this generation may need to fix in the future. Mrs.Wetz helps break us out of our shells and mold us into beautiful individuals who can do anything and everything.

Mrs.Wetz teaches me new things everyday, even  if it isn’t in a language arts lesson. Most days it will always come back to kindness. I know that she will live on within the actions of her students, and so does she, so she treats us as equals to her, even though she doesn’t have to. Mrs.Wetz teaches me how to move on through life without tripping over the bumps in the road and for that I will forever be in her debt.

Mrs.Wetz is an outstanding teacher whom I appreciate very much. I am very grateful that she was my teacher this year. I am proud to say that I am her student. Mrs.Wetz has shown me many things in life that I will remember for many years to come.