PV: Mrs. Dierschke: My Favorite Teacher


Darien Thomas , Staff Reporter

I’ve always been good at science, however 8th grade threw in some mix-ups that caused some hiccups that could have prevented. I now strive and always push it to the highest degree when it comes to testing and other simple assignments like homework. The teacher who taught me that was none other than Mrs. Dierschke.

Most of the teachers I have had feels like an actual person. Most teachers I’ve had experience with usually stand up, talk and make us take notes, and prepare us for a test. It feels almost like a robot because of the lack of emotion, that’s when Mrs. Dierschke swooped in and changed my perspective on a lot of things.

She allowed me to see that teachers can have a good sense of humor, inquire on current trends, and actually care about how students feel. She made me feel like an actual person and not just another kid she needed to teach.

She may be strict at times but that’s just her coach intuition, although it really did help when she sat the class down and made the connection with us. It gave off an impression that really stuck with me, her advice helped me through tests and when you were struggling she put in effort to help you and let you understand.

She always gave me the feeling she was rooting for you even through tests that didn’t involve science. Her sense of humor is out of this world when it comes to today’s comedy. I truly am saddened by the fact that I won’t be able to see her when I go to Steele, but also happy that other, new 8th graders will be able to experience and be touched by her lessons.