Dobie volleyball team remembers bullying victim

Hair ties given to players before the game

Dawnyail Cromartie, Staff reporter

At the Dobie Junior High volleyball game Miranda Polanco, 8th grader and volleyball A team member, handed out purple ribbons to remember a Comal ISD  student who reportedly committed suicide after being bullied.

“It happens too often and people need to learn it isn’t right,” Polanco said.

The girls’ facial expressions slowly started to drop as they received them before the game. One player said, “Oh, that’s so sad!” as she began to tie the purple ribbon in her hair.

According to news reports, Isabella M. Scott, age 12, committed suicide, probably after being bullied at Church Hill Middle School in New Braunfels.

The New Braunfels Police Department responded to the home of Scott, after a report of a suicide at about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. How she committed suicide has yet to be released according to a reporter from Texas Hill Country.

Scott was a girl who loved the outdoors, and spent her time fishing, hunting with her family, and volunteering and participating with the Young Marines. She also ran cross country, played softball and was a member of the Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church at Church Hill according to her Obituary.      

Her classmates at Church Hill Middle School learned the news Wednesday morning.“The teacher came in crying, so I knew something was wrong. And then a lot of people, they just walked out of class crying during some periods,” Elaine Miner, a New Braunfels 8th grader, told News4SA.

Scott’s family believes bullying may have led to her decision. They asked for privacy as they spoke to the reports from News4SA.

The spokesman for Comal ISD said: “…we have no record of an outcry of bullying from the student to any teacher or campus administrator” according to the reports from News4SA.

The principal sent out a letter that states: “We are doing everything that we can to help your child and our staff through this heartbreaking experience.”

The school also had grief counselor on their campus to help cope with the loss of Scott. 

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