PV: Mrs.Higgins – My Favorite Teacher


Kobe Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

By: Kobe Gonzalez

This school year was fun, stressful, and exciting. The teachers were all nice and good teachers, but one of them stood out the most. Mrs. Higgins is my language arts teacher. She is always kind and helpful towards us. If you need help she is gladly there to help you. Shes never mad and always has a positive attitude.

Mrs.Higgins is a great teacher. She explains the lessons very well and if you don’t understand she’ll try to put it in the simplest way she can to help you. She’ll even do some with you to make sure you get what you’re doing.

Mrs. Higgins is the reason why I like language arts now. I used to hate it, but she made it fun and not boring. Now language arts is my favorite subject in school.

Like when we read this book called “Flowers for Algernon” she made it not boring. She had us do activities about the story and the activities also helped me better understand what the book was about.