PV: My favorite teacher – Mrs. Wetz


Keiahna Tucker, Staff Reporter

My language arts teacher, Mrs. Wetz, is a very lovable, understanding, kind, and sweet person, and I would continue the list but I wouldn’t have enough space to write it all out.

Ever since I was in the second grade, I only thought of school as a place to escape my family and things I didn’t want anything to do with. I continued to have this negative attitude through out all the years I’ve been in school. As my school years went by,  I really didn’t like going to school at all, not even as an escape route. Things did get better though. Going to seventh grade, I made so many good friends, along with that, I had new teachers. I thought it would be the same as all of my previous years.

Until I met Mrs. Wetz. She is so understanding and caring; she is very funny too. She is very sarcastic, and seems to get along well with most of her students because of it. While yes I do have other teachers I do like, Mrs. Wetz would have to be my all-time favorite. I can tell her my problems and she listens. She is very understanding.

Because of Mrs. Wetz, I have learned to enjoy going to school. Mrs. Wetz makes my days at school a bit more bearable. She gives me something to look forward to at school. I hope to encounter more teachers like her in my future years in school.

Mrs. Wetz: I would just like to say thank you for all you’ve done.