PV: Mrs.Kretsinger- My favorite teacher


Alisza Gonzalez, Staff Reporter

Growing up I always enjoyed writing, whether it was a short story or an essay. Mrs. Kretsinger understood my love for writing and actually praised me on it. Moving to 8th grade didn’t bring many writing challenges as I had expected.

As a new student I was shy at first, didn’t raise my hand, didn’t speak up in class, mainly just stayed quiet. Mrs. Kretsinger let me, along with the rest of the class know that in her class she listened to her students, that she cared, and that we could speak without fear of being judged. I just think that the fact she took time out of her day to let everyone of her students know that she cared made a big impact on how we would get through the year.

Now I look forward to my 6th period because my teacher, Mrs.Kretsinger always had a way to make class fun. I remember this one time I was talking to her about wanting to do something new, some type of writing and she went on her computer and printed me a page of ideas for me to write about. She then would ask me about how the writing was going and give me some tips on how to make it better.

I truly appreciate how much Mrs.Kretsinger cared enough to take time out of her busy day to help me on something I enjoyed. Mrs.Kretsinger explained how though I can suffer from a writers block that I should never give up because my writing was a talent and would come to good use one day. Since then I kept up with my writing and I’ve written many stories and hope to write more in the future.

Besides this Mrs.Kretsinger has always made me feel more like a friend then a student. I have her for an hour a day and she lets us have about 10 minutes of free time everyday towards the end of class. While most people talk to their friends or listen to music i always go over and sit on the counter next to her  desk and just talk. Mrs.Kretsinger always talks to me like a friend and we joke and share stories like I would with anyone else.

Mrs. Kretsinger is an amazing teacher with an amazing personality and because of this she is not only my favorite teacher but the one I feel like I could always talk to. I know I wont find another teacher as awesome as Mrs. Kretsinger, and I’m okay with that because if every teacher was as amazing as her, it wouldn’t be as special.

So I know as i grow up teachers will come and go but I will always remember Mrs. Kretsinger. The kind, smart, beautiful, amazing teacher that made my 8th grade the best it could be and for that, she is by far the best teacher I have ever had and is easily chosen as my favorite.