PV: My Favorite Teacher, Mr Patel


Davis Donicht, Staff reporter

Even though I didn’t take Mr.Patel’s tech apps class this year I still have many awesome memories from his awesome class from last year. He made class fun and engaging even if you really did not want to be there. When you were done with all your work he would let you get on the game sites as a reward for doing well on your work. Me and my friends still remember all the good times we had in his class and we still laugh about it a whole year later.

One thing I loved about Mr.Patel and his class was that he was strict but he was nice if you didn’t act up in his class. Me and my friends always thought it was funny when he would get mad and he would give us something to smile about even though we were probably having a sucky day.

Mr. Patel always had a great sense of humor and always made me laugh in class. He also always let us have a lot of freedom in his class when it came to our assignments like the video game maker or having fun after your assignments he let you sit next to your friends and have a good time.

Mr. Patel always made everything in Tech Apps really understandable and fun, like letting us make our own video games and using Photoshop on pictures. Overall Mr. Patel has been my favorite teacher to date and I regret not taking his Tech Apps class this year.