PV: Mrs. Behnsch – My Favorite Teacher


Paige Freund, Staff reporter

I am writing this to show how thankful I am to have Mrs. Behnsch as my teacher. Since the beginning of the year she’s opened my eyes to the things that I can be, and the things that I could do later in life. I have never met a teacher that has cared so much for her students to succeed and it inspires me so much. She’s showed me what it looks like to actually like your job and I hope I can have that one day.

Looking at colleges, jobs, and working with money can get stressful at times, but she makes me feel that I will make it far in life. If all of my teachers were like her, coming to school would be one of my favorite things to do. It confuses me how some students don’t appreciate her as much as they should because she deserves a lot more than disrespect. I’m amazed at how she can keep a smile on her face with all she has gone through from annoying kids to her personal life.

Mrs. Behnsch has such a big heart and I think that’s what really makes her shine. She is a great teacher, but with her personality it makes her ten times better. She will keep a smile on her face even when sometimes it’s hard to keep it up. She is by far one of the best teachers that I’ve ever had and I want to thank her for staying in such a good mind set for the whole year.