PV:My favorite teacher Mrs.Hecox


Trevon Parker , staff reporter

Mrs. Hecox is an 8th grade math teacher that loves all of her students. You can tell that she cares about all of her students .She’s really down to earth,I remember one time in class a fellow class mate was hungry so she made them mac&cheese .I know for a fact that not a lot of  teacher would do that  for a student.

One of my favorite things about  Mrs.Hecox is that she takes time that she doesn’t have to and talk about her life and her family and how she went throw brain surgery and had to sign a paper for her kids in case she didn’t make it throw her surgery .I remember she said that her heart is bigger then her brain if that’s not someone that cares about you then I don’t know what that is then .

Another thing that the way she teachers her class you can tell that everyone understands the martial that were going over.The most important thing that she makes sure that we know when to play and that we know it’s time to work.Because she has no problem calling you out in front of everyone if your off tasks.After she gets done chewing you out she reminds you that she always going to stay the same. So that’s why she my favorite teacher.