PV: Mrs.Harper – My Favorite Teacher


John Andrade, Staff reporter

It’s really been a tough year, I have to say. Even though there is still a couple weeks left, I know we got most of the hard part done. The one teacher I want to say is one of my many favorites is Mrs.Harper. Even though I have many she exceeds all of them by just a little.  She is a great person in general. She is a nice teacher all around

The reason I chose her as my favorite teacher is because she is not just a teacher but a friend. She is very funny and can have a great conversation with you. One of my favorite memories I’m always going to remember when all the 8-3 teachers dressed up as Fortnite characters. Mrs.Harper dressed up as Teknique.

Even though I don’t her in a class and only in cougar time, I still got to know her the reason to that is because I had her a lot of times. I picked her as my favorite teacher because, Her husband is my coach and I know him as well. It makes me feel like I know her more than other teachers. She has a great personality, very friendly.