PV: Coach Harper- my favorite teacher


Jocelynn Klein, Staff Reporter

Coach Harper has always had a way about him that I’ve always loved from the very beginning of the year. His energy always made me smile and feel comfortable while in school, which is a hard thing for anyone to do.

He sometimes takes on a whole new persona, often using elaborate hand gestures and almost becoming into the things he was talking about. All the while he has this gentle bounce, bounce, bounce as though the springs are not only on his head but on the soles of his shoes too. He tells very inspiring stories and constantly keeps me interested, and he has the ability to make a subject that is often boring come to life through his enthusiasm and passion for teaching kids on how to be prepared for the future.

A teacher that doesn’t take himself too seriously will always be a big hit with students. Although, he isn’t afraid to impose his authority if he has too. I’ve only heard him properly yell a few times and even then the whole room went silent. No one even made an effort to breath too loudly, because hearing such a jolly man loose his temper was such a huge shock.  He is also very understanding, for example, I had gotten confused on what to do on an assignment and he let me have an extra day without dropping points.

I thank this teacher because he made me realize my passion for wanting to do better in life. I’ve never really thought or cared about my future, but because of him i already know what i want to do and how i am going to get there. He is a huge inspiration to me and I’m positive to other students too.