PV: Mr Patel My Favorite Teacher


Nicolas Dziewit, Staff Reporter

Mr. Patel is my favorite teacher. He is the coolest teacher I have ever had. There is so many experiences in his class that I would’ve missed if I hadn’t taken his class. He has so many different activities that enable you into the work you’re doing it’s so fun.

My brother had taken Mr. Patel a few years back and he said it was a really fun class and that I would learn a lot from it, so I took his class one of the best choices I have made in all of my Dobie Jr. High history. Mr. Patel has an accent that is weird but funny and the way he says stuff is hilarious.

Even though Mr. Patel can be strict he is very nice at the same time. Whenever he would yell at someone it would make me laugh even if I was having a horrible day. Mr. Patel also lets you go on the sites when you have finished all of your work and usually on Friday’s he lets you get on the sites early or lets you have free seating which is awesome.

Overall he is just a great teacher and is always positive in everything he does. There are some points in his class that are kind of boring; he makes you do Micro Type which is pretty boring but everything else that he does is really fun.

Thank you Mr. Patel for the great 2 years I have had with you!!