PV: My favorite teacher – Mr. Edmondson


Aubrianna Kline, Staff Reporter

One of my least favorite subjects has always been science. Along with disliking the subject, I have never been good at it. This year I got Mr. Edmondson for science and he has become my favorite teacher.

At the beginning of the year I thought this would just be another dreadful year in science class — just on a higher level.  But as weeks passed I realized this year may not be so bad. The first couple of weeks we had weekly homework checks and quizzes. I thought he was just giving us extra work for no reason. But he explained why and he just said it was to help us. When he told us this I realized even though it might be a bit more work than I did last year, but it would give me more practice.

Not only does he make us work harder to get better, but he also likes to have fun with the students. We have a lot of laughs and jokes throughout the period. I thought he only messed with my friends and I to be mean, but I found out we’re just his favorites. He also makes the subject fun. He finds ways to make it entertaining so we don’t get bored and fall asleep.

In the end, Mr. Edmondson is my favorite teacher because he is fun, nice, and entertaining. I was very lucky to have an awesome science teacher.