Dobie offers options in student clubs

Brittany Bewley, Staff reporter

There are many clubs for everyone at Dobie, including: Library Club, Gamers Club, Choir, Student Council and many more. Before and after school, clubs allow students to participate with others in doing what they love.

Students can sign up for clubs depending on the sponsor, said 7th grade social studies teacher Ms. Jordiin. Clubs will be held and will meet where the sponsor’s room is.

“Oh my gosh, there are so many clubs at Dobie this year, there is a club for everyone. If there isn’t a club for you, then you can talk to a teacher to make it happen,” Ms. Jordiin said.

“I would sign up for Drama Club, Gamers Club, library club, Student Council and Choir.”  Miss Jordiin said. 

Mrs. Hadas has her favorites as well. “Hmm, Student Council and Builders club,” said Mrs. Hadas.

So, far there are 4 clubs available for signup. Some of the organizations that are also available to join are Open Hearts and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

First meeting for Open Hearts is September 27, at 7:30am in D102 room. Open Hearts is an organization sponsored by Mrs. Hadas for 7th and 8th grade who talk about career options and think of exciting ways to volunteer. Also sponsored by Mrs. Hadas in JS2S, is Student Council.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes in an organization called FCA. 

Clubs are available to sign up for from before school to after school at 4:15.