PV: Mrs. Glasz – My Favorite Teacher


Isabella Gonzales, Staff Reporter

By: Isabella Gonzales

Have you ever had a teacher that makes your day and just really understands you? That’s Mrs. Glasz. She really knows how to make my day and she always knows what to say. Mrs. Glasz is a fun, down to earth teacher that’s not only our teacher, but is also our friend. Her teaching styles are great and she just knows how to have fun.

Mrs. Glasz helps me understand so much and she knows how to make me feel better. She assures me and pushes me to do my best no matter what. She believes in all her students and she loves each and everyone of us dearly. She’s like my second mom–she makes learning fun.

She makes jokes with us and always laughs at our jokes. She even lays music for us and lets us work in partners with our friends. She makes her classroom feel like home with the vibe she gives out. She reassures us all the time and helps us out everyday. She constantly makes us feel at home and makes us feel comfortable.

Out of all the teachers in the world, she’s my favorite. She understands that some of us aren’t all there and sometimes don’t get the lesson. Because of this, she makes her lessons fun to learn and easy to understand. Overall she’s a great teacher and I am so glad that she is my history teacher.