P.V. Mrs.Hecox: my favorite teacher


Kennedy Freeman, Staff Reporter

By: Kennedy Freeman

For my teacher appreciation column, I chose to write about Mrs.Hecox. She not only teaches math, but cares about all of her students a lot. She is always coming up with new ways to teach us another topic. Her method is to come up with songs for each lesson plan and it helps a lot with trying to remember the topic. For example she sings, ” You can get with this and you can get with that, if you multiply by this you multiply by that.”

I’ve been in a hard place with her before because I was having a bad day and made the bad decision to take it out on her. She ended up telling me that she cared about me and wanted me to succeed. She may just be a math teacher in some peoples eyes, but to me she is an incredible person with a huge heart and will never let you fail. If you do end up failing, she can find a way to make you feel worse about it by telling you how much she believes in you and knows you can do it.

When you do something wrong she will even make you get on your knees and apologize. She will make you tell them how much you love them and that you are sorry for hurting their feelings. If you don’t say it like you mean it she will make you restart. She always makes her classroom an environment you feel safe coming into.

You can talk to her about anything and she will not only listen, but give you advice. When you come into class upset she always finds a way to put a smile on your face and help you laugh it out. She has such a warm heart and personality. She has always been there for me and other students, even if they aren’t hers. Her door is always open for those who need it. So, Mrs.Hecox, I am very thankful of everything you have done for me. You are incredible, I appreciate you as a teacher and somebody I can talk to.