PV: Mrs. Luna- My Favorite Teacher


Aaron Jennings, Staff reporter

Mrs. Luna teaches Spanish and College and Career Readiness. She has had an effect on me not by teaching about careers but with kindness. She has a way of turning conversations that are between adult and child into equals while still staying respectable. Mrs. Luna treats students equally and with respect. She manages to make a class like CCR interesting. Just doing that is an incredible feat. She is upbeat and jubilant, her happiness is contagious.

If I haven’t stressed my point enough, Mrs. Luna is an amazing teacher and person. She makes me want to take Spanish just to be in her class. I’ve never ever had any interest in learning another language but having Mrs. Luna as a teacher would make it worth it. Going to her class is usually the best part of my day. CCR is my last period and her class is the best way to end my day.

Mrs. Luna gives you like a favorite Aunt vibe. She is magnificent in every way. If you have ever read the book ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio, the main character, Auggie, says everyone should have a standing ovation at least once. Mrs. Luna deserves at least ten.

Mrs. Luna is the best teacher ever and you can’t convince me otherwise.