PV: Mrs. Harper, my favorite teacher

Thank you.


Chloe Ramsey, Staff reporter

For the longest time I’ve always loved art but I’ve never really taken an art class because I like to do my own pieces on my own. Although I was hesitant at first, Mrs. Harper, my 8th grade art teacher, ended up making the class fun and enjoyable to be in. Well besides you know who…. (*cough cough*).

Through out the year it was a bit odd and a little out of my comfort zone to have to make pieces with a given amount of time, but when I had any questions Mrs. Harper  happily answered them for me and that made it so much easier to get what I needed done.

Mrs. Harper has been so nice and welcoming and I think she is so cool for that because  I know 8th graders are super annoying and really hard to handle, so it’s amazing she can stay so happy all the time.

Mrs. Harper tends to play music in class and at some point I had asked her to play some K-pop and she said she would look into it. It took awhile but eventually she played some in class and it was so cool, although my friends just thought I was crazy. Anyways, I’m glad I made the decision to join art class this year and I’m glad that class ended up being Mrs. Harper’s art class.