PV: Coach Walrich, my favorite teacher


Sarah Guidry, Staff reporter

Coach Wallrich was my teacher last year in seventh grade. He  is my favorite teacher that I have had my whole life, so far. He always answered my questions no matter how stupid they probably were.

Coach Wallrich always let me draw on the  white board as long as I got my work done. He was not mean or strict like most teachers, and he didn’t ever snap like most “nice” teachers do.

I always looked forward to going to Coach Wallrich’s class. It was fun to come in and learn while still having fun. Plus the class was kinda easy for me. Coach Wallrich never gave us homework; that was great.

It didn’t  even seem like it was his first year teaching. I think he is very good at his job. Even though he had a few of the bad kids kids in his class he still put up with it and did his best to make sure we all learned the material. He also had to deal with me and I’m not really  the best student.

I’m really surprised at how well he put up with everything really well. I am so happy to have had him as a teacher. I hope that he keeps teaching for a long time.