PV: Mrs.Bensch Teacher Appreciation


Trinity Townsend, Staff reporter

Mrs. Bensch is my favorite teacher for many reasons. She makes class extremely entertaining by telling us stories of her past and current experiences of  being an adult. Mrs.Bensch’s stories are funny, sad, energizing and much more. I’ve never had another teacher or known another adult that has experienced any medical challenges that I have, but Mrs. Behnsch shared her daughter’s journey with me. She  makes me feel wanted and like I can talk to her anytime. She knows what its like to be waiting at the hospital for hours on end, to be absolutely exhausted afterwards, to be anxious and nervous not know what might happen.

She keeps class interesting, never sticking on one tactic for too long. I appreciate her extreme effort and patience for the whole class, knowing how talkative everyone is. I am thankful that she could always stay focused, never loosing her absolute mind and keeping our feelings in consideration. Because I know that most teachers would not care what their students thought about their last substitute.She  never yells at anyone, the worst she’s ever done is threaten to tell us to shut up, which was funny because she never did

Another thing that I  appreciate her for is greeting everyone at the door,  I’ve never had any other teacher has spent their passing period smiling and shaking hands, though she may be upset. She give us Z.A.P days when we ask for it because she wants us to pass all classes. She gives us bathroom passes whenever we need them because she would rather us need to go while we are with her teaching optional lessons then in a core class. Thank you Mrs. Bensch for taking care of all our needs.