PV: Teacher Appreciation for Mrs. P.J.


Sandra Escobar, Staff reporter

Mrs. P.J is my Journalism teacher. She likes telling us stories,  mostly about her son, and they most of the time have to do whats she’s teaching us in class.  She told us about how her son was rushing to mow their lawn and he ended up breaking their lawnmower and how his Dad would bring it up whenever he saw one.She makes her class really easy. We write a article or column every month through the whole year. We have maybe done four  true lessons, but they where mostly in the beginning of the year to help us learn the fundamentals . Our mid-term exam was only fifteen questions, very simple. In addition she gave us a review a few minutes before the exam.

She always tells us to look over a work and make sure it’s the best it can be, because we should take pride in our work. Some of the mistakes are silly mistakes, and that would just be embarrassing and reflect badly on us, as reporters, and on the journalism class.  She gives us  a lot of time to complete our work. We get to visit with our friends during class, some of our assignments are done in groups. After we’re done with our work  we could talk in a whisper to each other.

She helped me develop my writing skills, my word comprehension, and usage.  She showed me a different way to organize my writing and layout format. If it were not for her ideas and motivation I wouldn’t have become the better and more experienced writer that I am today.