PV : Why I Appreciate Mrs. PJ


Jenna Baglio, Staff Reporter

By, Jenna Baglio

I appreciate Mrs.P.J. because she is very energetic and she has helped me become a better writer this year. Every day I come to her class feeling tired but when I walk out her door I’m way more awake than I was before. She is very fun because she gets you wanting to write articles about things going on in, and out of school.

Since I am Mrs. PJ’s eighth period, everyone is more worried about getting out of school, but for me she makes all of the lessons that she teaches fun and it makes me forget that this class was the last part of the day. In class, she motivates us to write about things we like, and for me when I find a topic I like, I can’t stop writing about it.

I also like Mrs. PJ because she has helped me become a much better writer than I was in the beginning of the year. We have done various different notes on how to make our content better and it has for sure helped me a lot and I thank her so much for that.

All and all, I am very glad that I was apart of her class this year and I am happy that I will be apart of it next year in yearbook.